Monday, July 30, 2012

Product Review: TileSizer

For remodeling a kitchen, adding tile to fireplaces, revamping the tile in your bathroom or any other tiling redesign, TileSizer is a must! TileSizer is a unique tile cutting tool that allows you to precisely and accurately cut your tiles in a variety of styles without risking harm to your fingers. TileSizer will hold your tiles tightly while cutting with a wet saw. Best of all, TileSizer allows you to secure smaller tiles for easy maneuverability so you can achieved a professional quality cut. Unlike other tools (like tile nippers), TileSizer minimizes breakage that often occurs when cutting tile and holds on to both sides of the tile strongly during the tile cutting process.

Your tile cuts will not be limited with TileSizer – it’s extremely versatile and is capable of perfectly holding tiles to prepare for all types of cuts, including:

  • Corner Cuts
  • Diagonal Cuts
  • Horizontal Cuts
  • Round Cuts
  • Mosaic Art Cuts
  • Notched Cuts
  • Cutting around tricky outlets
  • Sliver Cuts
  • Free Style Cuts

On top of a variety of cutting types, TileSizer can hold various materials of tile. Use it for the following (and more!):

  • Glass Tile Cutting
  • Ceramic Tile Cutting
  • Marble Tile Cutting
  • Granite Tile Cutting
  • Porcelain Tile Cutting
  • Travertine Tile Cutting

Get the incredible tile saw tool and get going on your home DIY projects! Available at for just $29.99!


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  2. Consider including sky facing windows wherever space permits - even specifically over the shower work area! he said

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